“Nature reduced to human proportions…transforms into the most efficient haven against the aggressiveness of contemporary life.”     Luis Barrigan, architect


Our landscape should be an expression of sorts…should reflect something of ourselves…our family…our lifestyle. With gardens, whether it’s an abundance of perennial flowers to wash the landscape with color, fragrance and form, or a simple presentation of shrubs and trees to present the structure of a home or business in an attractive and compelling manner. A splash of both to create and environment at once exciting and beautiful to help bring out our own “better nature”, while complementing that small segment of the world around us.

For over forty years Earthworks Landscaping in Tolland, Connecticut has been exploring all of the ways we can help achieve these goals to help ensure a residence becomes a true “home” or a business a proper reflection of those of us who spend so much time in that environment.

Effective landscapes provide a compelling, comfortable and at times exciting environment. At Earthworks we strive to utilize all of the elements; shrubs, trees and flowers, the boldness of natural and native stone, boulders and bluestone. As well as, the many and varied paving materials in the marketplace, which have improved so much over the last decades.

However, truly effective landscape combines all of this and requires the utmost attention to detail in both design and delivery of the finished product.

water features.JPG

Our experienced teams, led by Rob Symonds, are second to none in all of these goals. With hands on, Rob has overseen countless projects and creates many of his own wonderful designs combining plants and unparalleled hardscape skills.

Earthworks will be entering its fifth decade. Owner and primary designer Jeff Hutton, most often joins the crew on the job. Jeff, also a writer, is a frequent speaker at garden clubs and other events. He has addressed University of Connecticut Conferences and for several years has taught as an adjunct in the landscape/horticulture program at the university. For years Jeff taught a continuing education course on Home Landscaping. Jeff has had two gardening books published: Inside Out: The Art and Craft of Home Landscaping and Rocks Dirt Worms and Weeds, an illustrated garden guide for children.

Featured in local newspapers such as the Hartford Courant and The Journal Inquirer; Earthworks has also been featured nationally for a full spread in American Nurserymen Magazine’s Superior Sites. Over the years we’ve won design and installation awards from The Connecticut Nurseryman and Landscape Association.

Contact us to begin the process of transforming your landscape, no matter how large or small.